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COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT: Pre-Intent Acquired by Home Care Pulse

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey. I am pleased to announce that Pre-Intent has been acquired by Home Care Pulse (HCP), a recognized leader in employee and customer satisfaction solutions for the long-term and post-acute care industry.

4 Ways to Make Your Caregiver Job Postings More Attractive to Applicants

Special Guest Blog Post by Connor Kunz, VP of Growth at Careswitch.

In-Office vs. Virtual Interviews: Pros & Cons

When it comes to recruitment, virtual interviews have their defenders. Other recruiters are ride-or-die for in-person interviews. Who is right?

3 Retention Strategies Beyond the Dollar Bill

Not every problem can be solved by throwing money at it—especially money you don’t have to spend. Here are three employee retention strategies, besides the dollar bill, that you can focus on to keep the team intact.

Does cold-calling job candidates still work?

In recruiting as much as sales, the cold call enjoys near-mythic status.

So it’s 2022 … does cold-calling job candidates still work?

5 Strategies To Hire Great Long-Term Caregivers — And Keep Them!

It’s no secret that turnover in the long-term care industry hovers at around 65%. That’s a lot of new hires that won’t make it through their first year of employment, leaving you with an overstretched staff and thousands of dollars in turnover expenses.

What should recruiters be spending their time on?

New recruiters often think that their time will be spent interviewing prospective candidates and showing new hires the ropes. Here's what you should actually be doing...

Employee Retention: 3 Key Strategies

Nearly one in four employees left their job in 2021. Read below for 3 key strategies to focus on to improve talent retention in 2022.

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