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Pre·Intent — the automated outreach and engagement platform designed for recruiting front-line talent. Connect, qualify, schedule, and hire top candidates faster than humanly possible.

Trusted By Some Of The Best Brands In The World!

We have seen a savings of almost 60% of time efficiency in our recruitment efforts - that's more than 20 hrs per week.

Andre Gomez

SpringHills Home Care

PreIntent makes my job so much easier. It speeds up the hiring process and pre-screens so I don't have to!

Janette Lewis Ruiz

Home Instead

PreIntent has really freed up my time to focus on other important tasks! It's like a robotic assistant, and it's been a huge help.

Yarrow Shultz

Right at Home

We hired more caregivers in the first week using PreIntent than we did in the previous 3 months.

Dr. Deb Moerland

FirstLight Home Care

Thanks to PreIntent, we're surpassing our hiring goals without having to dial the phone 100 times a day.

Lori Yount


Pre-Intent has been a game-changer for us. It has (almost) completely automated the pre-screening and interview scheduling process and has freed up a ton of time in my day to focus on other things!

Paige Rounds


Integrate, Automate & Supercharge your favorite applicant sources.

Pre·Intent uses APIs and webhooks to create seamless integrations with the most popular applicant sources.

Don't see your ATS? Request an integration HERE.

Powerful Automated

Recruiting Tools

Everything you need to automate the recruiting process in one user-friendly platform. Pre·Intent allows a single recruiter to produce the results of an entire recruiting team.


Voicemail Drop

Ringless voicemail drops create a personal, voice-to-voice connection, without the wasted time of cold-calling.


Text Messages

95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being sent — the fastest communication channel by far.



Emails that are paired with a text message campaign receive 2x the open rate and engagement.


Qualification Surveys

Custom surveys identify and fast-track the most qualified candidates.


Interview Scheduling

Automated interview scheduling takes the hassle out of booking and allows candidates to select the next available interview on your calendar.


Appointment Reminders

Candidates receive confirmation and multiple appointment reminders to increase interview attendance.

Make Hiring Easy with Automated Outreach and Interview Scheduling

In today’s competitive hiring environment, the most qualified front-line workers are on the job market for less than 3 days before receiving an offer. To even have a chance, you have to be one of the first companies to connect and make a job offer. Pre·Intent makes that possible.

Fast & Mobile

More than 50% of scheduled job interviews no-call/no-show. Why? Because other companies are beating you to the punch. But a recruiter has limited time. How do you win the best hire when a delay of minutes can result in a top-tier candidate slipping through your fingers?

Pre·Intent's automated outreach campaigns work 7 days a week to ensure every candidate is engaged immediately, positioning you to be that critical first interview they schedule.

Reduced Labor, Increased Productivity

Traditionally, recruiters have spent over half their time on repetitive menial tasks like leaving voicemails and playing phone tag … leaving little time to actually conduct the few interviews they manage to schedule.


Less Work

No more phone-tag or calendar-tag to try and fit in an interview. Pre·Intent syncs with your schedule in real-time and lets the candidate choose a time and date that works for both of you.


More Interviews

Automation connects with more candidates faster, significantly increasing the number of interviews scheduled while reducing hiring times by 70% or more.

Fill Up Your Calendar

Hiring front-line workers is a numbers game. Fill up your calendar with interviews and keep it full!


Pre·Intent Handles It All

Integrate your favorite calendar app so interviews only happen when you are available.

Candidates pick their own time and receive automated appointment reminders to decrease no-shows.

Re-Engage and Nurture

Even if you miss a candidate on the first go-around, they will probably be back on the job market in the future. The Pre·Intent re-engagement campaign positions you with a line in the water. When candidates re-enter the job market, you are in the perfect place to catch them first.


Constant Connection

Ongoing nurture campaigns continually promote your brand and open positions, so you stay top-of-mind with potential candidates.

Ask Us Anything

We’re here to help! Burning questions, nagging doubts … ask and you shall receive.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Connect, interview, and hire with ease.

Show You Mean Business

Give your top candidates a preview of what it will be like to work for you with a streamlined, tech-forward candidate experience. Compared to competitors’ clunky hiring process, candidates will feel the difference. Make their job-selection decision easy.

Make it Easy On Your Candidates

Candidates are more likely to engage with your hiring process if you make it easy for them. Appear on their favorite job-posting site, then wow them with a seamless, 24/7 user interface to qualify, schedule, interview, and land the offer.

Integrates With Your Preferred Calendar System:

No need to change your daily scheduling routine. Pre·Intent integrates with your favorite calendar and adds interviews to your schedule like clockwork.

Working with the Pre-Intent team (from initial setup to daily use) has been a great experience. Any time I have a question or problem (read operator error), the support team responds within minutes, and is always helpful. All improvements to the system have been just that - improvements. Not all software providers can say that! Keep up the excellent work!

Maureen Nies

Home Instead - Pennsylvania

As a home care start-up I am always looking for automated tools to help me maximize my productivity. PreIntent does just that and for one of the most critical tasks in our office: recruiting! PreIntent enables me to limit my time and focus on getting applicants and then it does its magic and prescreened candidates show up at the appointment for the interview. I also have really appreciated the quick response to my support needs as well as personalization requests that really enabled me to dial in my conversions. PreIntent is critical to my recruiting!

Howard Stein

Home Helpers - New Jersey

Pre Intent has been like having a full-time recruiter on staff for a fraction of the cost. It takes care of the hard part of getting candidates in the door with a personal touch. It also keeps candidates that no-show or cancel their interview engaged. We've hired several Caregivers that initially no-showed and then rescheduled an interview.

Todd Bart

CareBuilders - Texas

The Technology is Amazing, I never have to worry about losing an applicant any day of the week and we are always first to get interviews (very important these days!!). Customer service is prompt at answering my questions and concerns.

Alesia Wilgan

Home Instead - Connecticut

Pre-Intent has been a game-changer for our office. For the first time in many years, we have almost met our staffing goals. I am sure we will reach them by the end of the year. Thank you Pre-Intent.

Dianna Hillaker

Home Instead - California

I'm in love with Pre-Intent.

1. Pre-Intent nurtures all candidates 2. Pre-Intent captures and communicate with candidates right away 3. Pre-Intent works with my software 4. Pre-Intent allows us to text candidates thru the system 5. Pre-Intent customer service is top notch, they're there for all my crazy request. Honestly Pre-Intent has taken some of the stress away in the hiring department.

Kimberly Maxwell

Home Instead - Texas

Pre-Intent has made my job of recruiting candidates 1000 times easier and faster. We went from 2 interviews a week to 15 the first week! We hired 12 new people the first month! It has saved me hours on the phone and probably 100 emails. They do it all for you. It is well worth the money.

Mary Hopkins

Home Instead - Indiana

Gain Advantage Over Your Competitors

It takes top talent to make a top company. Stand out to serious candidates and earn their trust from the get-go with easy communication, great UX, and a seamless hiring process. Show them you mean business … and that you value them before you even make the offer.

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Pre·Intent is an automated engagement platform and mobile app designed for high-volume recruiters to automate the hiring process — to connect, qualify, schedule, and hire top candidates faster than humanly possible.




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